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Re: 5DMkIV is the best alternative

KariP wrote:

The price is not terrible high. Expensive still, I bought mine in 2019 when I found a bargain

I just compared 5DMkIV and the new R5 - there are tests available ...

5DMkIV has perhaps better sensor for landscapes - sometimes you need more dynamic range. Higher ISO RAW files are noise free and great for editing.

R5 is great but it is not better for landscapes. Surprisingly.

The new R5 has much higher resolution and also has greater DR, so I'm not sure how you concluded that the 5D4 is equal to it for landscapes.

Versus the 5Ds or 5DsR the 5D4 has more DR but 5Ds resolution matches the R5. I would take the resolution. The only time the 5Ds doesn't have enough DR is when the sun is in the frame, and when that happens there's a good chance you will be blending 2 or more exposures on any camera. But the resolution difference is in every shot.

That said any of the three can do a good job. It has been years since there has been a camera model which couldn't produce a decent landscape to at least 16x24" print size.

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