Air Show (EM1 II and Panny Leica 100-400MM)

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Re: Air Show (EM1 II and Panny Leica 100-400MM)

evetsf wrote:

Max5150 wrote:

Good observation. The one that's "out" is a different aircraft model.

Bobby J wrote:

That bottom shot is pretty interesting because the top three airplanes have the propellers stopped in the same position! Wonder what the odds of that would be?

Yes, and looks like it's using a Russian radial engine which turns the opposite direction (clockwise viewed from the front of the aircraft) from the US norm (CCW).

Yes, the good old Yak-52, this one a TW version with the 3-bladed propeller, a Spornrad (the rear wheel, for nostalgia reasons) and completely retractable main wheels.

The normal 52 has a front wheel, a 2-bladed propeller and even when 'retracted' the three wheels are still showing like in this lousy tiny 100% crop of such a max. 1600 x 1200 UZI file:

Two older SOOC jpgs of three normal Yak 52, from the days of the 2.1 MP Oly C-2100 UZ:

I didn't know about the difference propellers turning clockwise or CCW, but this picture shows you're right, both when looking at the Anstellwinkel (angle of attack? pitch?) of the propeller blades as well as the side of the blade on which some 'lawn mowing' / 'pigeon chopping' caused some wear to the paint:


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