Getting rid of odor from a used camera body?

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Re: Getting rid of odor from a used camera body?

If you smell it, it is giving off molecules. The rate of emitting molecules will increase with temperature. Warm room temperature would be good. The rate is decreasing over time.

I would find a clean place away from you where you can have the camera out of any case. In principle, molecules may leave a surface and go to another surface and then come back to the original surface. They stick on surfaces for a time depending on temperature. A case will let the molecule return to the camera much more often. The case may have the smell also.

For a smell test, you could put the case and camera in separate sealed zip lock bags for a time. Then smell which bag has the strongest cooking odor, case or camera. Don't store the camera in the case until the smell issue is resolved.

We have a PurpleAir sensor. When we cook the air can go to 'unhealthy' or 'hazardous' AQI numbers throughout our home. These are small particles, aerosol size, that float for hours or days.

If the outside air is clean, we cross ventilate to clear the air of cooking aerosols more quickly. The air clears in less than an hour. Without cross ventilation, the air clears in a few hours we breath more and more of the aerosols settle on the surfaces in our home.

Chas Tennis

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