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Re: 5DMkIV is the best alternative

KariP wrote:

IMO landscape shooting is not easy for a camera - or the photographer

I think 5DMkIV was the first Canon DSLR. with a new type of sensor (more DR) - also 80D (ASPS C size) was quite good for landscapes.

In forest (I do not know what kind of forests you have) the light can be problematic. There are deep shadows and at the same time some spots have bright sunlight - that is where good DR is needed and dark shadows should be noise free (if you like to see what there is in the shadow ) Something like 5DmkIV sensor is great for resolution - but the DR is often a problem ( I have seen only some tests )

We used to have to bracket shots and then fold the DR back together in post processing.

IMO 5dMkIV is at the moment the best (affordable) Canon alternative for difficult contrasty landscapes. Enough MPX too.

I use also Fujifilm cameras and they have also a good sensor for landscapes and low light - but IMO 5DMkIV RAW files are easier to adjust and there is perhaps less noise in dark (almost black) shadows

It is still a speed versus resolution game.

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