I shoot both Full Frame and DX Crop sensor, .... not sure why🤷🏻‍♂️

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Re: I shoot both Full Frame and DX Crop sensor, .... not sure why🤷🏻‍♂️

Same here, except I know exactly why I shoot both. I’ve got two full frame cameras but a total of five DX bodies. My rationale for shooting them all is two-fold.

First, I generally prefer the color rendering of CCD cameras and those can only be found in crop bodies (the Leica M9 being the sole full frame exception). When the light is bright and there’s no need for extremely shallow DOF, then my DX cameras yield the better image quality for me.

The second reason is travel. I generally shoot my DX cameras with zooms that take me from 11mm to 200mm with just three small lenses. That makes the kit convenient for carry-on purposes. My full frame kit consists mostly of fast primes for shallower DOF, but it is much more bulky to travel with.

That being said, full frame is indispensable to me for shooting action, working in low light, and mounting fast primes as under those conditions it gives me better image quality than my crop bodies can.


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