What is your adapted lens "system"

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Re: What is your adapted lens "system"

Will X wrote:

Travis, I think you exposed my coverup in actually trying to ask for a system recommendation. Thank you for the great write up!

Sadly, I am already 8 lens in as I type. But the irony is that the they don't add up to half the cost of my ZM Biogon.

I too considered OM as a system due to its build quality and compactness for SLR. Oh wait who am I kidding. I never seen one in person so I just lusting over their looks! But their lens prices are consistently higher than SR, MD, and M42. Bodies are becoming more collectible to be had as a fun second film body. Same with the Pen F. I think I will hold off until I can justify truly using a film SLR. But man, OM lenses look so good as a set with consistent design language.

They are pretty attractive lenses; but for me any visual appeal is heavily overshadowed by their size, build, and the quality of the mechanisms.

Every OM Zuiko prime I've used has had a rock-solid build, no slop, smoothly damped focus, aperture ring with solid and definitive clicks. The zooms haven't been quite as good, but still very good.

I honestly haven't seen any really significant differences in price, though, at least with the primes; the 50/1.8 I've commonly seen on eBay for $25 or under, for example.

It took me a while to sort out the 50s out there. Wanting my first 1.4, the MC 50 f/1.4 PG was too good to pass up for being one of the best and it's only $60. Shortly after, I got the MC 50 f/3.5 macro to match the PG for not that much either. Most lenses in the SR system is unbelievably cheap given their build quality and image quality, even when compared to their contemporaries. My next lens will probably be a telelphoto in this mount. Your recommendations were informative. I am also looking at the 200mm primes as I heard mixed signals about vintage zooms. I will hold off on wides as I am in the Fuji system.

I do strongly recommend the 35-70 Macro I mentioned; it's an excellent vintage zoom.

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