I shoot both Full Frame and DX Crop sensor, .... not sure why🤷🏻‍♂️

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Re: I shoot both Full Frame and DX Crop sensor, .... not sure why🤷🏻‍♂️

Jocksa wrote:

I use a D7100 and a D810. I use the 7100 when weight and size are more important and the 810 when it isn't. The success of the images I produce doesn't seem linked to which camera I have in my hand but, then again, I'm not producing them for fee paying clients with rules.

I recently did my summer holiday with just a DX kit and it performed very well.

I too mix and match a bit, but having acquired a lot of hardware over the last 25 years I have more flexibility than you currently seem to have.

Shooting DX lenses on the D810 will reduce resolution to about 15MP. However, that is still a reasonable resolution for most applications/situations. And this strategy will allow full use of all your DX lenses along with the FX lenses you own and presumably also use.

I still have an old D7000 (16MP) which I only use when I want something lighter on casual walks in the park or similar. But for more serious shooting the DX body stays at home, and whatever subjects are planned I will use my FX bodies. Not sure about your D7100, but the low light performance of my D800 series bodes is much much better than what my old D7100 is capable of.  Am also not sure how the low light performance of your two bodies compare,.

With the strategy I use I select the lenses to take along based on their coverage [effective focal lengths], and don't worry much about whether they are FX or DX.

I have other examples, but one is that I use Tokina 10-17mm DX semi fisheye on my FX bodies.  I also have Nikon 16/2.8 semi fisheye which I seldom use since with the zoom on my Tokina I can frame the image as I want it to.

I only offer the above as food-for-thought, rather than any specific comments or suggestons.

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