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Re: Film Simulations on Nikon - The πŸ‘ πŸ‘ have it.

David Lumsden wrote:


You wrote, β€œI'm usually after accurate color reproduction rather than some film look.” You’re getting close to the dangerous swamp of perceptual philosophy, or pseudo-philosophy, here. A ray of light may be objective in space, but it becomes subjective when it enters the retina and stimulates the brain. It’s the old dorm room bull session question: β€œHow do we know that my blue is your blue?” Damned if I know. BTW, I do know this much: my left eye β€œsees”much warmer colors than my right eye does. Which πŸ‘, if either, is seeing the ”accurate” RGB?

(Extra credit question: Do your πŸ‘ πŸ‘ also vary in white balance, or are mine just bizarre?)

You raise a good point.  However, when I say "accurate" color I don't mean accurate to my eyes.  I mean "accurate" to known color standards.  For example, are the color swatches on a ColorChecker card being reproduced accurately as measured by a computer program eyedropper?  It's very possible that someone could look at my processed photos and say "I don't really like your color".  And my response a number of years ago would have been, "yeah, but they're fairly accurate based on a ColorChecker card".

I've actually been changing how I process photos quite significantly as of late.  I used to religiously generate .dng color profiles for ACR using either the X-Rite software or Adobe's own Profile Editor program and I applied them to all my photos.  I've recently begun to change my workflow and have been using the Adobe Color profile most of the time.  However, I still make frequent use of L*a*b and CMYK as an aid to setting white balance.

I've recently gone back to photos from a two week travel trip in 2014.  I don't really like the color anymore.  I bring them into ACR and apply my current process to them and like them much better.  Has my taste in color changed over time?  Has Adobe improved their conversion and rendering of raw files?  Probably a bit of both.

As to your extra credit question...  I don't notice any WB perception difference between my two eyes.  That's not to say it's not there.  Just that I don't notice it.

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