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Re: Film Simulations on Nikon - The πŸ‘ πŸ‘ have it.

David Lumsden wrote:


You wrote, β€œI'm usually after accurate color reproduction rather than some film look.” You’re getting close to the dangerous swamp of perceptual philosophy, or pseudo-philosophy, here. A ray of light may be objective in space, but it becomes subjective when it enters the retina and stimulates the brain. It’s the old dorm room bull session question: β€œHow do we know that my blue is your blue?” Damned if I know. BTW, I do know this much: my left eye β€œsees”much warmer colors than my right eye does. Which πŸ‘, if either, is seeing the ”accurate” RGB?

(Extra credit question: Do your πŸ‘ πŸ‘ also vary in white balance, or are mine just bizarre?)


Snap! My left eye sees much warmer colours than my right. A lot of people I have mentioned this to have difficulty understanding what I'm on about.

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