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jayweh32 wrote:

sigamy wrote:

And, let me know if I'm wrong here, but the MFT 2.8 zooms are not equivalent to the FF 2.8 zooms, right? So not really an apples to apples comparison you have there, right?

f2.8 is f2.8 the only difference is the fov.

If you take the same shot with the same lens from the same distance on both a m43 camera and a ff camera they will both meter the same and show the same dof the only difference is going to be the fov/crop. If you take that FF image and crop off the extra FOV and make it appear as the m43 image crop DOF will look the same. Now if you step back with M43 to match the framing of the FF sensor DOF now goes down because you are farther away from the subject with the same lens/aperture.

You lost me.

What I care about is background blur / subject isolation.  My understanding was that f2.8 on MFT is "similar"/"equivalent" to f5.6 on FF.

So, on FF system I would not have to splurge on f2.8 lenses in order to match what I was getting on MFT 2.8 lenses and that I could get similar results with slower FF lenses.

Am I incorrect?

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