S5 vs G9

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Re: Please remember this....

Marty4650 wrote:

If you need full frame then you should buy full frame, but if you don't then you are just spending a lot of money and ending up with a bigger and heavier kit.

While the S5 body is very close in size to a G9 (although a little bit heavier) the lenses are a lot larger, heavier and more expensive. No one can tell you what to do, because it is your money and your specific needs count most.

You say you aren't limited by your gear right now. Lots of working pros are also using M4/3 for video work. If you don't need a bigger sensor than why pay so much more to have one?

I hear what you are saying.  And yes, the size and weight of lenses is my main concern.  But I am a hobbyist, I'm not out shooting all day every day, lugging gear around.  While that may be a vote for staying on the "prosumer" MFT, I also see it as the size of FF won't be *that* big a deal for me.

If I stay with MFT, I need to invest in better glass so the cost is kind of a wash after selling my G9 and some kit zooms.

And, let me know if I'm wrong here, but the MFT 2.8 zooms are not equivalent to the FF 2.8 zooms, right?   So not really an apples to apples comparison you have there, right?

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