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Re: Panasonic S5 Preorder

I'm seriously considering the S5.   I've been MFT since the GH2.  I do short films as hobby and my photography is my kids sports, family stuff, photo walks and hiking.

I've shot a few college recruiting videos and made some money, but video/photography is purely hobby for me.  I feel like I'm the perfect user for MFT.

I have G9 now, with PL 25, 12-60 kit and a few other kit zooms.  I also have E-M10 II for hiking and street.

I've said in other posts, I know this is GAS.  I know my skills are my real limited factor, not my gear.  (besides upgrading my lenses)

I'm sure if I invested in some of the fast primes or Pro zooms for MFT, I would get great results, even better than what I get today.   But, S5 has me tempted.

If I sell off G9 and some lenses, I'm looking at around $800 to move up to S5 with 20-60 and Sigma 45.    Or I could spend $800 on some Pro MFT glass.

My main concern (after the money) is the size of the FF lenses.  I've really enjoyed the small system size of MFT.  But I intend to keep the E-M10 for times when it makes sense.

Any advice?

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