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nguyenhm16 wrote:

AdaptedLenses wrote:

All that said, I think you're missing the point I'm trying to make (or I'm doing a bad job making it.) I'm not saying a soccer mom is going to go into Best Buy and get a Z5, then go buy a screw drive 35-105 AF-D. What I am saying is there are ALOT of Nikon DSLR users, plenty of whom likely have some screw drive Nikkors. Some might be classics they won't give up, like the 28/1.4D or 85/1.4D. Nikon is leaving an unnecessary barrier to switching by orphaning those lenses.

From a business standpoint I think it's a better long term strategy to ease the cost and effort of switching, and steadily work to upgrade their lenses than to fail to support them and force folks to buy new lenses. Yes you sell less lenses now, but if you get them on the Z body they might buy them in the future. If you never get them to switch you've got nothing.

Yes, for these kinds of Nikon shooters who are contemplating the switch to mirrorless, switching to Nikon mirrorless should be the obvious choice, but it’s not. Once you open the door to switching to another mirrorless system, you risk losing that switcher for good.

Buuuut you're making my point for me. Give them the tools to use their lenses on a Z camera, and no other platform can compete with that. Don't give them that and all mirrorless is on an even footing and they have to buy new lenses anyway. So give your Z a leg up.

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