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Calvin0807 wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

jma60 wrote:

Pendraggon87 wrote:

jma60 wrote:

I've been using a Marsace MC-02 with a monopod extension attached to the ball head and with another ball head on top for my Zoom meetings.

What attachment did you get?

Sunwayfoto ET-02 extension and XB-28 ball head. There's some cheaper options on Amazon though if these will only be used on a desk.

Yeah, the plan is to really just use this on my desk. I want to position the camera right above my monitor - too far back or the side I can't look at my monitor and then it looks like I am avoiding eye contact.

I have seen some desk clamps for lamps and wondered if there are ways to repurpose for a camera mount - I'm trying to avoid paying $150+ on just a clamp and arm for the camera mount.

I am using this plan on my desk too.

FOTOBETTER MC-95 clamp with FOTOBETTER MBP-19 ball head,and the FOTOBETTER MA-01 Magic arm is quite helpful for adjusting the position of the light。

Ooo that looks nice.  Any idea what can work to boost that a bit higher?  I currently have a c-clamp that has a normal screw that I can use, but the monopod I had was just terriblly unstable with my A7RIII

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