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DMillier wrote:

I think in all of these things, amongst many photographers there is a desire to use state of the art equipment, irrespective of whether it makes a practical difference to their photography. This often manifests as anxiety - "is my current camera really good enough"

If you actually need the larger sensor for a specific reason, that's fair enough, but there is a lot of over-egging the full frame advantage in the press and amongst users. There are a limited number of photographic situations where full frame is absolutely the way to go, but a vastly wider range of circumstances where it makes no practical difference or even is a hindrance.

In my opinion most enthusiast photographers overbuy for their needs and get caught up unnecessarily in equipment anxiety and the upgrade treadmill. It's actually quite remarkable what superbly capable equipment you can acquire on the second hand market for as little as, say, £150 if you are prepared to ignore all the hype and marketing and simply match the gear to your actual needs rather than your imagined needs.

Yep.  You've perfectly described my situation and how I'm feeling.

I know I'm being "influenced" by reviews, YouTube info, etc... And know enough to know I can get excellent results from MFT + good glass + improving my skills.  But hearing about FF for *years* and in recent years, seeing the FF bodies  that are the size of my G9, it just gives GAS.   Even with the fact, as you said, that in probably most circumstances I would be better off with MFT due to its benefits and no measurable gain from FF.

Lots of people buy sports cars, muscle cars, German sports sedans with 300+ HP to drive on 40MPH streets in suburbia, right?

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