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Re: Nikon, That S5 is Tempting... Where Are The Lenses?

ImageAmateur wrote:

After reading similar posts on the various systems and current developments, now reading this brings home just how important it is that Nikon move with alacrity fully to the mirrorless format, with lenses etc.

Mirrored dslr's are generally finished in the market going forward.

It really appears that Nikon needs to pivot to full mirrorless systems swiftly. The costs of the mirrored systems will weigh the company down, saddle them with costs that such as Sony and Panasonic do not have.

(CIPA) In Jan-July, 1,146,277 DSLRs were shipped, with a value of 49,320,375,000 yen, Nikon can't afford to give their DSLR business to Canon.

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