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Re: Other reviews differ......

Fotocorn wrote:

Hi Bob P,

Thank you for directing me to the"printinginsights" site. It is one of the most informative sites on printing I have ever had the pleasure of reading. His explanation of how to use the various sub-images is great.

It should be compulsory reading for any photographer who has aspirations of printing their own images.

Marrutt have a standard file which you can download. The send you a certified print against which you can compare the output of their print file from your computer.

Only problem is that although I can see the problems, I have no idea of how to correct them.

Did you develop your own ICC profiles for the cone ink and R3000?

I am about to try and download the Cone Color ICC profiles and try the printing insights image.

Thanks again.

Nigel C.

Yes do download the Insights Photo at the bottom of the page is the download button. Around this forum we call this Reference Test print the "Outback" test print. Many of us are very familiar with it.

Also download the appropriate Cone ColorPRO Epson R3000 ICC profiles.

Load that test image into your editor app, DO NOT EDIT IT IN ANYWAY EVEN IT LOOKs WRONG ON YOUR MONITOR. just print as it. Remember to set your editing app (Elements) to - Elements Manages colors, not to - Allow Printer to Manage colors

I assume that you do know how to print with ICC profiles properly and that you need to turn off color management in the Epson R3000 printer driver to do so?

This will help...……..

Yes I did generate my own Epson R3000 Cone ColorPRO ICC profiles. Unfortunately they are not for Epson papers but the Glossy one I have should work well for Epson paper. Try the Cone ICC profiles first, let us know how the reference test print comes out and if need I'll email you my custom profiles.

Good luck!

Bob P.

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