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Re: Nikon, That S5 is Tempting... Where Are The Lenses?

MrALLCAPS wrote:

I'm not a fan of flippy screens, but other than that, the Lumix S5 is looking good. I'm only 2 lenses in with my Z6 and I'm waiting on the 40mm Pancake.

Nikon needs to give us a little more clarity in regards to the upcoming lenses. They put the 40mm on the roadmap long ago, nothing further than that. They announce a new camera and suprise us with a new unannounced kit zoom. Where are the lenses that are on the roadmap??

If Panasonic beats them to the 40mm pancake, that just might sway me to go over. Nikon better hope they don't announce one this week.

After reading similar posts on the various systems and current developments, now reading this brings home just how important it is that Nikon move with alacrity fully to the mirrorless format, with lenses etc.

Mirrored dslr's are generally finished in the market going forward.

It really appears that Nikon needs to pivot to full mirrorless systems swiftly. The costs of the mirrored systems will weigh the company  down, saddle them with costs that such as Sony and Panasonic do not have.


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