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Re: Nikon, That S5 is Tempting... Where Are The Lenses?

Rohith Thumati wrote:

Reading through the previews, I’m not sure what an S5 would do for you that a Z6 doesn’t already? Seems fairly comparable IQ-wise (in photos at least), but fewer fps and no PDAF.

Given the new Panasonic L-mount Roadmap released today, I wouldn’t expect a compact prime from Panasonic any time soon. Of course, Sigma has the well-reviewed 45mm f/2.8 already on the market, so unless that extra 5mm of reach (or 5 degrees of field of view) is a huge deal, maybe you’re already covered with an S5? I doubt the Z 40mm will be any smaller than the Sigma, based on Nikon’s roadmap image, and if it’s brighter than f/2.8, I’ll be (pleasantly) surprised.

You might want to wait for the Sony A7c announcement, since they’re supposed to also announce a line of compact lenses with it, and there are a bunch of Samyang/Rokinon compact primes already.

Buying a Sony is not on my radar at all. They acually have two 40mm's but I refuse to buy Any Sony product fir my own reasons.

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