Question about ordering a MIOPS Smart+

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Re: Question about ordering a MIOPS Smart+

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Does anyone know if there are custom duties/fees/taxes charged on MIOPS products purchased directly from MIOPS and being shipped from Istanbul?

I would think that entirely depends on what country you live in. And we don't know that.


If you are buying from MIOPS directly, I would assume that you would be ordering from their website, in which case it would appear that they might offer guidance during the ordering process, or perhaps if you can contact them (their website has a link)?

They had no idea if there would be duties or fees and no way of knowing if any US customers had ever had to pay them.

Failing that, what is the total cost of the items you are ordering? You should be able to get some idea from the U.S. Customs website. AFAIK there is normally some threshold for most countries of origin above which duty starts to kick in.

There are virtually no definiitve answers on the Customs website..just a lot of "duties may be owed" type statements...the only reference to amount was a statement that it could be $250 or it could be $0. I'm going to call them but suspect I won't get a definite answer that way either.

I guess that would be something which, in order to be precise and accurate, would a) be a complex list or matrix and b) a nightmare to maintain and keep up-to-date for every country and class of items. And recipient, and a gazillion other variables and potentially misunderstandings and nuisance communications. Even depends on how accurately and correctly the shipper has filled out the required forms.


It's probably going to end up being easier to order from B&H or Adorama vs direct from MIOPS.

Yes, that sounds like a good plan, I have found both to be reliable merchants.

Customs can be a lot of fun to deal with...years ago while working in Australia I came across some phenomenally good blue cheese called Hot Wax Blue.  It was a softer cheese packaged in hard blue wax.  I called US Customs to see if I could bring it back and they said "generally hard cheese is Ok, soft cheese is not...but since this is packaged in hard wax it will be up to the inspector whether they consider it hard or soft and they will decide whether to allow it in".  I wasn't going to risk $25/lb and have it confiscated (I don't know if I could have just eaten all of it right there in front of the inspector).

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