IBIS Fractures ? Is that a thing ?

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Re: Not really an issue for most users, IMHO

Antisthenes wrote:

I love Roger Cicala's articles, but I often have to roll my eyes when he ponders some design aspect of a lens or camera. I definitely wouldn't hold that against him, because Roger's background is in medical science, and the fact that he's got no specialist knowledge in physics, optics, mechanical or electrical engineering or software design is quite understandable.

I'm sure he won't be offended . . .

Of course, and disregarding your twaddle, there's always the alternative explanation for these breakages; Sony used inferior (read cheap) parts/designs/applications and they've simply failed.

Roger just happened to highlight the fact.

It would be good to hear what Sony have to say about this.

Unless I've missed it, they're remaining remarkably quiet.

"It's good to be . . . . . . . . Me!"

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