How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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Re: How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

HenrilensUK wrote:

In this case it would be a picture to hang at home, so it needs to be able to be examined from a few inches.

Why examine from a few inches?

Those who are not photographers or pixel peepers tend to view images at the minimum "comfortable" viewing distance - or from further away.

A "comfortable" viewing distance is considered as being able to see all 4 corners of the image without having to swivel your eyes to do it.

The minimum comfortable viewing distance is equal to approximately the diagonal of the picture - or about 1.5 times the length of the longest dimension of the image.

If you make or have a big print made the viewing distance should be more than a few inches. For this 12 MP is usually enough.

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