What is the best f stop in MFT for landscape photography?

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Re: What is the best f stop in MFT for landscape photography?

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Generally speaking, the sharpest lens for landscape photography ranges from f/4 to f/16. At least this is what I read in the literature.

Do I need to make adjustments for MFT or do I use them as is?

PS: I have also posted this thread in the Landscape forum but I don't see a lot of activity there hence the reposting here.

Some advice once valid for 35mm analog cameras is not valid for digital and/or m43 cameras.

Apart from depth of field the advice to stop down used to be valid because analog lenses tended to soft wide open and vignetting is the srongest wide open. All m43 lenses I know are quite sharp wide open and the vignetting is removed digitally in camera.

The advice to keep below f16 on a 35mm camera is due to diffraction softening the image the more you stop down. I suspect that because even modern kit lenses are so much sharper than vintage glass I haven't been bothered by diffraction yet and just happily use the f-stop I need. That said, f4 to f8 is the sharpest range for most m43 lenses.

F8, did you actually compare it to the other settings? I mean what the image looks like.

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