IBIS Fractures ? Is that a thing ?

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The above is, of course, pure speculation of my part, only based on my observation of some long-time Nikon camera users, but I have no otherwise reasonable explanation about the origin of mechanical stresses sufficient to crack the (not that critical) supporting / spacer attachments between a body shell and a mount+sensor block.

You could always look it up...


My experience of Sony cameras, though indirectly via some friends who traded Canon and Nikon DSLRs for Sony A series cameras, is that they are not as robust. Weak lens mounts was one example. This seems to be another.

Any vibrating system, especially one with any mass to it, is susceptible to stress fractures if not properly engineered.

I have had one camera replaced because an IBIS unit was faulty on purchase. When enabled, every image had noticeable motion blur and the sensor became increasingly misaligned with the camera.

When repaired, the camera only smeared images at 1/30, 1/60 and 1/120 of a second.

In case it's not clear, I have actually read the article you linked to.

In case it's not actually clear, I also trust my level of actual experience and understanding of physics and engineering issues more than, say, LensRentals'.

And your 'understanding' of engineering and physics leads to conclude that it's all down to ham-fisted Nikon users? Very scientific of you.

Well, we're pretty brutal folks. We can wreck anything that's not a Nikon.

I managed to wreck a Nikon, but it was only a D90...

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