25 mm and 45 mm and 15 mm body cap and 9 mm body cap on the G9

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Re: 25 mm and 45 mm and 15 mm body cap and 9 mm body cap on the G9

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I have a chance to buy all of them for $400 canadian, all in good shape. Both the 25 and 45 are of the f/1.8 persuasion. Would these two be a good fit for a Panasonic body ? Are there any problems that I should anticipate ?

Thank you kindly for your help.

If you want those lenses, it seems like a reasonable deal. The 25mm and 45mm are good starter lenses.

I bought a 15mm bodycap during a GAS attack, used it a few times and never again.

I saw the samples also and the 15mm seems of limited value. Better than nothing in a pinch, but not really a lens that I can see people using much on purpose. The 9mm body cap on the other hand actually has quite decent IQ.

I wish they made a higher IQ body cap of similar focal length to the 15mm. Would work nicely to turn some cameras to truly pocketable status.

The 14/2.5 gets pretty close to that... Not quite a body cap, but way faster, still slimmer than some other pancakes (the 20/1.7 is pretty wide, physically I mean), as sharp as any decent native prime. If it weren't for the 12-32 & 20/1.7 I'd probably own the 14/2.5, but it seemed a bit redundant next to those two for my usage case.

I think being a fisheye is what makes the 9mm body cap optically better (easier design), dunno how much better a "premium body cap" could be.

I think on a G9, the 14mm seriously qualifies as a bodycap:

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