D800/D810 or D850 - help me make a call?

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Re: D800/D810 or D850 - help me make a call?

Timotis77 wrote:

I moved from D810 to D850 - I still wish I had my D810 to be honest -

I like the D850 but feel (and have said it a few times) I find the ISO performance on the D810 better between 400-1000

I bough the D850 for wifi and touch screen, but barely use either. Also the extra resolution you barely notice or can see

Both are great in their own right, but if i was buying now and knew what I do now - I'd get D810 and save a few bucks

That's interesting...The only thing I hate about the D810 is the cheesy pop-up flash

Do you think a lot of people have a similar experience with the D850 -- wishing they'd stayed with the D810? It's a lot cheaper now! I have to say, many of my D810 images are wonderful -- and somewhat less digital feeling than my D850. I realize that's heavily subjective and might just require a bit more work in post. I use C1 20 Pro.

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