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chambeshi wrote:

Well, Well. Sony certainly shows up Nikon.

THe gap in a FTZd is a recurring subject. As for objections of penalties on accuracy etc. The Screwdriver Nikkors focus very well in Liveview on the D850, D780 etc.

Some more threads

Have you seen the caveat's on this adaptor, look at the notes on the article.


i. As of Sept. 2020, focal plane phase-detection AF is supported for SSM/SAM lenses on the Alpha 7 III, Alpha 7R III, Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 6100, Alpha 6400, Alpha 6600, Alpha 9, Alpha 9 II, and Alpha 7S III. Focal plane phase-detection is supported for lenses that do not have internal focus motors on the Alpha 7R IV and Alpha 6600.

ii. STF lenses are manual focus only. Teleconverters are not supported.

iii. Autofocus is not available during movie recording.

iv. For AE tracking, the aperture is fixed for the first frame while shutter speed and ISO are used for exposure adjustment.

v. Maximum continuous shooting speed is 10 fps with the Alpha 7R IV, Alpha 9, and Alpha 9 II, and 11 fps with the Alpha 6600. Continuous shooting speed may change depending on the attached lens.

vi. The Alpha 7R IV must be updated to software V1.20 or later, and the Alpha 6600 must be updated to software V1.10 or later.

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