If I were to do it all over again I would...

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If I were to do it all over again I would...

I'll start. Please feel free to share your own!

1. Stick with one camera mount system.

2. And that system would probably be Canon or Sony, just from my personal preference.

3. Not waste money on OEM flashes. I wish I had known about Godox from the get-go. Would have saved hundred of dollars at least.

3. Learn post-processing first and not believe the people who say you have to get it right in camera. Post-processing is the key to great photos as much as any other factor, but the way I was taught, it was almost an afterthought (although to be fair, nobody ever actually SAID this was the case, it was just the feeling I had implied from the amount of time spent on the topic).

4. Spend even more time on learning post-processing. It takes a day to learn the lighting patterns. It takes a lifetime to get post-processing right, and I still haven't mastered it to the level that makes me comfortable.

5. Learn to use a tablet, not a mouse. This is super annoyingly hard habit to break - to this day I am using a mouse because of that.

6. Learn to not over-process my images.

7. Download as many images as I can from Unsplash, Pixelbay, and other free stock photography websites. This is one great resource that is underappreciated. With free stock photography especially with rights granted. Why reinvent the wheel? Need a spectacular sunset? Spend weeks waiting for that one special day or download it in a few minutes - your choice. Want a texture or overlay? Need a flock of birds? All available for free. Duplicating work is a waste of resources and very inefficient!

8. Travel before I couldn't anymore due to the pandemic.

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