Sharing my Canon DPP 4 workflow

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Sharing my Canon DPP 4 workflow

I used LR earlier and then moved to DXO PL when Adobe LR went to subscription model. I do not use the DAM tools much. My requirements are a simple editor to take my RAW files and process them slightly. Recently I tried Canon DPP 4.There was a bit of a learning curve. After the initial learning curve, I am hooked now.

The benefits of using DPP 4 to me are

a. The Picture profile does most of the work

b. The gamma correction auto does most of the work. I do some minor mid-point to make the image brighter / darker depending on what I am trying to convey in the image

c. Noise reduction by default is good.

d. Lens optimizer does most of the work fixing lens corrections

All in all I find images turns out great. So it is becoming my go-to tool now. Below I am sharing my workflow with the goal it may encourage some other users on the fence to give it a try.

At a high level - I make folder (Event name) and within that subfolder RAW and subfolder JPG -> Use Quick View to rate 5 star (keepers) -> Save the 5 star RAW's to final RAW folder -> Browse to final folder -> Edit -> Batch export all to final JPG folder.

Within edit mode I use the Lens Optimizer, basic edits mostly. Lens optimizer is pretty much automatic. In basic edit, I adjust the picture style, auto gamma and slight tweak of mid point if required, and unsharp mask 9-4-4 for strength, fineness, Threshold.

Rarely do I use the details and saturation tabs. And only tried once the dust delete one time. There are a lot more functionality which I haven't used.

If anyone prefer a slightly more detailed step by step or a visual step by step, I have posted this on my website as well. Link to that page: My Canon DPP 4 workflow

PS: I have left out many other features such as dust delete, area fixes, etc etc. I myself am still learning those and honestly do not use these much.

All in all I like the images that are generated using DPP4 and would encourage other Canon users if you haven't tried so, give it a shot.

Still draft and working towards it -

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