AF-D Lens Hope

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Re: AF-D Lens Hope

Lets say you're a Nikon photographer with a bag/shelf of AF-D lenses, some of which you still use or think you'd still like to use.

Then you think to yourself, hey maybe I'll check out mirrorless.

Right now, you're SOL with respect to your AF-D lenses with any mirrorless system. What do you pick if you want to move to mirrorless? Today, maybe Sony, maybe Canon, maybe Nikon since you're used to Nikon handling. But it's not an automatic choice to go with Nikon. On the Internet, Sony has a lot more "buzz" and mindshare while Nikon has the whiff of insularity and decline to it.

But what if there was a hypothetical FTD adapter? Then the choice to go with Nikon is a lot stronger, even if you only mount an AF-D lens once a year.

In other words, maybe it's backwards looking, but it gives a Nikon DSLR shooter more reason to move to Z mount. Today, what's Nikon's solution for the hypothetical shooter with a bunch of AF-D lenses? Nothing (manual focus doesn't count, you could do it on E mount before the Z mount even existed).

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