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X-T20 - My cute little camera


So, this is my summary after nearly two years with an X-T20.

When I was young, I had proudly owned a Pentax ME followed by a Pentax Super A. I enjoyed working in a provisional darkroom in the basement. After a longer break where I had no focus on photography but more on university, PhD thesis, kids, first job, I bought a Pentax DSLR in 2011 but never was really happy with it; the only good thing about it was its IBIS (which was really cool); however, it was an entry level camera with cheap lenses, so it was my own fault; I should have invested more money.

About two years ago, I had enough of it. I wanted a good and reliable camera. Upon a friend’s recommendation, I entered the Fuji-X system with the X-T20 which is still my one and only camera today. I bought a leather half case that protects my camera and gives me a great grip. I purchased it together with the XF 18-55 and XF 55-200. I went for a Godox TT 685 F with an XPro-F trigger (my only regret with the Godox: the AF assist does not work).

Very soon after my entry into the Fuji world, I “discovered” Venus Optics, authored a Wikipedia article on this company, and went for the Laowa 9 mm ultra wide angle plus a few macro lenses; particularly the Laowa 65 mm f/2.8 is really stunning. I do manual focus stacking in macro with a rail. I started with the free Picolay and then went for Zerene Stacker. I maintain a list of third party XF lenses in the German Wikipedia.

For portrait, I went for the KamLan 50 mm f/1.1 Mark II which is a great character lens. Manual focusing is not a problem for me; for me, it is important to use AF-S + viewfinder magnification. These days, I purchased the Viltrox 23 mm f/1.4; my first impression is very positive; I cannot make an own statement on its optical quality yet. I really need the fast lenses for indoor.

My raw editor of choice is darktable.

I don’t really do video, just occasionally.

After nearly two years, I'd say, I manage my Fuji-X system at “95 %” level, I am routined, can react quickly to any situation and rarely do mistakes in applying the right settings. I use the Q menu a lot. This forum helped me a lot; I’ve also watched Youtube videos etc. I can tell you that I’ve never been happier with any camera in my life.

Technically, the X-T20 is still a great body. The X-Trans III sensor is still more or less up to date. One day I may own an X-T4 or X-T5 (of course do I suffer from G.A.S. ) but I do not feel under pressure. I knowIQ is determined by the lenses and sensor. Nothing has substantially changed here with the X-T4. What has improved is more the user convenience around, AF accuracy/speed/tracking, stabilization (IBIS really has a point here!), video (also a point - for those who really do it), so it's more the user things around IQ but not directly influencing IQ. With all this, one is of course more likely to leverage the full performance of the given system. But one will not win on top in all cases where one also manages the situation with an let's say X-T20 or similar.

I really miss an IBIS and IMHO, Fuji came a bit late with that feature, this is why the X-T20 will receive 4.5 out of 5 stars. I do not so much miss the AF bracketing function; I cannot use it anyway with my Laowa lenses. I miss a little bit the AF joystick, I think I'd be faster.

I handle my system with care, I use lens pouches, I don’t leave the equipment in a hot car, I don’t change lenses in dusty environment, I never touch a front lens, I clean my lenses only when really necessary but then with gloves, microfiber cloth and methanol or demineralized water. I’ve never cleaned the sensor yet. The automatic sensor cleaning function must be great because I never had any issues with dirt on the sensor. I still have the first batteries and the first sd card. No trouble.

My family doesn’t like the X-T20. Well, a Fuji X-Txx is definitely not a quick and dirty snapshot camera. It takes time and dedication to really manage it. The family does more the cell phone type photography. The X-T20 is my baby.

I've concerned myself with test charts and decentration tests but in the end, the IQ of the real photos matters. I still quickly test every new lens but I don't spend days with testing.

I am convinced I have entered a great system. No regrets. If you want to take a look, so far, all photos in my 500px account have been made with my little cute X-T20. I am just happy!

That's the story.

Kind regards,


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