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tony field wrote:

New Day Rising wrote:

Skylane wrote:

Tony, anonymity is absolutely critical to a level playing field in the challenges.

When the challenges first started there was no anonymity and the sandbagging reached ridiculous levels. DPR was forced to adopt the current system.

There is no way NDR’s entry deserved any 0.5 votes. You and Tasad are responsible for that.

I had already voted in the May challenge but I will not be voting in the April challenge. I suggest you and Tasad do the same.

Thank you.

It's not up to me to say what score my entry deserved, but I fail to see how it was worth 0.5. Clearly those votes were intended to manipulate the outcome.

Of course I don't know who placed them, but it is exactly what I was concerned about when tasad and Tony posted what they did. Their posts were obviously intended to undermine DPR's system of anonymity.

I had no intention of causing such an uproar with my posting. My apologies

I have never seen a rule stating entries and things related to the challenges should be anonymous although it has been said many times as an anecdotal requirement. Please point me to a legitimate reference to this requirement

Try logic. Why does DPR hide the user name and camera model until after the voting phase?


Anonymity helps ensure the vote cast is for the quality of the photograph NOT the user?

Then there is moral integrity, not a rule but simply civilized behavior.

I assume the mistake with the entry that tasad chose to highlight in this open forum was in the title - I mixed up one of the teams with the match that I went to a week or two afterwards. The challenge did not require a title and given that this mistake had absolutely no bearing on the merits of the photo or its eligibility for the challenge. There was absolutely no reason for tasad to post that comment other than to show that he can get around the anonymity principle if he chooses to.

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