GM5 tips (GM1 as well)

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GM5 tips (GM1 as well)

Hard to know what tips relate to GM5 only and what have a wider reach into Panasonic cameras as well. I hope others can add to my little list.

Firstly the GM5 has a quite usable full systems camera. It can be made very small indeed with small lenses and some can probably even fit one so equipped in a large pocket. But please let’s stop calling it a “pocketable camera” as it is in fact a very small systems camera that can (if so desired) be used with any lens capable of being mounted on M4/3 - even Canon EF lenses with a suitable adapter if the fancy takes hold. The actual size of the lens does not matter if it is supported by the left hand and arm. Just as much as the 5.5Kg Canon EF 400/2.8 MkI is not unbalanced on a dslr body. Even if at 5.5Kg a large tripod is mandatory - you can alway tripod a larger lens from its tripod mount collar when a GM5 is attached to a large lens of any consequence. I have no objection to “pocketing” but baulk at the idea that pervades “pocketable” (only) as being an unnecessary demeaning of what is in fact a quite capable systems camera body.

The evf is small and the dreaded field sequential type of somewhat ill repute. But somehow GM5 users don’t complain nearly as much about their field sequential evf as much as some do about larger FT (Flat Top) cameras Made by Panasonic that use the same type of evf. Field Sequential has always work really well for me.

However I suggest that when magnification of the evf is used it is magnified full screen and not just the centre patch. A magnified centre patch is simply too small for even my allowances. But the screen magnification is razor sharp right up to 10x. I find that 4x is usually enough for my purposes easily adjusted with eye to evf. Click the rear wheel and the magnified screen pops up - click again and it alternates a toggle between centre patch and full screen (toggle). Turn the back wheel and the magnification changes - simple.

With eye to evf a dab with the thumb <<anywhere >> on the lcd will re-invoke the previous magnified screen. This seem to be in-common with all Panasonic touch screen interfaces. Just an easily remembered magnification method.

By rote I turn off all sounds and auto playback review on all my camera bodies.

I assign the LVF (Fn2) switch to mono/colour view capture. I often just like to see what mono (B&W) view looks like when I am making a capture. The capture is always in colour jpg anyway. If using MF then focus peaking in colour is easier to see when using Mono.

A selection of setting that I find important:

Shutter type: auto; ISO limit: 6400; Silent mode: Off (it is effectively silent all the time with sounds off and no auto playback to distract); Eye Sensor AF: On; Pinpoint AF Time: Short; AF assist lamp: Off; Direct Focus Area: Off; Focus Release Priority: Focus; AF+MF: On; MF Assist:Lens + Body; MF Guide: Off; Peaking: On; Constant Preview: On; Dial Guide: Off; Monitor Info Display: On; Eye Sensor: High; Touch settings: On except Touch AF & Touch Pad AF = Offset; Touch Scroll: L; menu Guide: Off; Shoot w/o Lens: On; Beep: Off.

I don’t use C-AF and S-AF is pretty quick. Focus peaking works well in MF mode. With oem and chipped lenses the evf will auto magnify when the focus ring is turned.

I use A mode mostly.

In S mode the screen will gain up or down to allow focus. In M mode the screen will show the estimated exposure of the image to be captured. Therefor the adjoining S and M Modes can be used in conjunctions set the proposed exposure to satisfaction In M and click to S to get an adjusted more viewable image for composition purposes. Most useful when deliberately using Under or over exposure.

I have a wry preference for the rough Monochrome Art filter.

The GM1 wheel takes some mastering - I have had my own curses with mine. But when I concentrated on a very like touch on the responsive wheel and deliberately rotated my thumb in a plane parallel to the back of the camera all was forgiven - like the lover’s touch the back wheel does not respond vey well to clumsy pokes.

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Tom Caldwell

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