How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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Re: How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

A friend of mine has a wonderfully sharp 6 mp image of some columbines on a forest floor printed 16X20. I have several 20X30 10 mp images I shot with my D80 some years ago. I think you can get good 20X30 or even 24X36 out of your D700 images (assuming no or minimal cropping).

I followed my friend's recommendation and up-sized my images to get to the 20X30 image size. There is specialized software for doing this that apparent can upsize an image pretty easily. However, if you use Photoshop or Photoshop Elements (like me), adjust the image size larger using the Image Size option in the menu. Select percent as the units, and change the size from 100% (the default starting point for each size change) to 110%. Keep repeating this upsizing in 10% increments until you get to the size you want. If you increase the image size in larger increments or from its original size to the desired size in just one step, the process will introduce visible pixelation that I expect you won't like. Confining the resizing to small increments minimizes this. It's a little tedious, but I need to do this so seldom it's a non-issue.

You can test this fairly easily - go through the upsizing ritual to 24X36 using one of your D700 shots and then get a print from the cheapest printer around - near me it's Walmart. Don't expect the color balance and paper quality to be the sort you want for the print you plan to display, but it will show you if the upsizing produced a finished image that can live up to your hopes. And if it works at 24X36, it'll work at 20X30 and 16X20. If you find it successful, then use the upsizing technique and invest in prints from a good lab to get the display images you want.

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