How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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Re: How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

Printers print at 240dpi so file resolution greater than that is lost. With inkjet printers there is dithering used so the dots overlap which makes for greater apparent resolution.

Paper type is another consideration as a "canvas" print is not going to show the level of detail of a print made on a Kodak Endura metallic paper.

The image or scene is also important as a woodland scene or a landscape shot with a sharp foreground is going to be different  than a seascape.

I was initially struck when looking at famous pictures taken during the 1930's and 1940's how lacking they were in sharpness compared to pictures taken in the past 30-40 years. Some of this may have been the developer and the type of paper chosen by the printer but it was also due in part to low ASA film and the slower shutter speeds needed to compensate.

I can only see viewing an image at a distance of inches if it is for medical diagnostic purposes.

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