How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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Re: How large a print can be made from an uncropped Nikon D700?

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You as an individual will have your own standards for what's acceptable for your particular photo, so I suggest printing a few tests with various dpi at your local print shop and see for yourself what you can tolerate. In the US, we have a few high volume photo print labs, like Costco, where we can submit a number of cropped tests at various dpi and get the results within the hour for a few dollars. Does the UK have a similar print lab you could submit some tests to be printed? Theoretically, if you have a print lab in mind, and they have reasonable prices for smaller prints, you could also color proof at the same time.

Good luck!

Thanks but actually I had wanted to save the cost of doing prints by asking a question. You may think that's stupid but personally I don't.

I don't think he is asking you to make full sized prints of the entire image. You can crop a section and have it printed. A 4x6 print costs pennies. You can crop different sizes of a section and have them printed to see what amount of detail is desired.

SO, you can crop on the long axis for 100, 200, 300, 400, 600 dpi in the print and compare. If you find they are all fine, then make whatever sized print you want. If you find only prints above 300dpi are acceptable, then you can use math to see what size print you want or start uprez work to step your image to the number of pixels you need.

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