IBIS Fractures ? Is that a thing ?

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Re: IBIS Fractures ? Is that a thing ?

Kumsa wrote:

In the latest LensRentals teardown by Roger Cicala , he makes an off-handed comment that "we’ve started becoming aware of fractures in IBIS units."

Wow. That is really something I hadn't considered, and clearly would be important for (1) evaluating the expected use of equipment, and (2) for buying used. For example, in one of Roger's podcasts on used equipment, the topic turns to used lenses, and now I'll think twice before laying down a lot of money for an IS stabilized, auto-focus fast lens.

Any experience on IBIS fractures (I'm assuming on the sensor) ?

Have a look at this.

I questioned this a couple of months back, at which time, I was about to buy a Sony A7RIII.

As you can see, I got plenty of response, mostly, unsurprisingly, unpleasant but if you're in the market for a camera that just might be affected, it's probably worth reading.

Incidentally, shortly after I abandoned that thread, I bought a Nikon Z7 and haven't looked back.

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