Niche Question - Anyone Start JEXIFToolGUI (Or Any Application) From A Bash Shell Script??

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Re: Niche Question - Anyone Start JEXIFToolGUI (Or Any Application) From A Bash Shell Script??

Barry Twycross wrote:

CharlesPhillips wrote:

Ok this is a niche question.

I take photos of satellites (yes at night) and submit them to an astrometry site to "resolve" them. This allows me to use the photos to generate observations so a group can generate orbital information, etc.

A pal wrote a Bash shell script to take several photos (all in the same folder) and submit to the astrometry site and get the results back into a second folder. What a huge time saving!

I also use JEXIFToolGUI to get the actual precise time of the shutter and would like to have the script start up that "application" as well. This of course has proven to be a huge challenge. The script is in the Terminal but the application is in a package in the Applications folder.

Maybe someone here has done something like this?

One option is to have another installation of JEXIFToolGUI as a command line application...

As suggested you probably want to use Exiftool directly on the command line, not a GUI wrapper around it.

For example:

exiftool -s /<file> -DateTimeOriginal -SubSecTime

Would get the ms timestamp out of a Panasonic file.

If you want to start an application, you need the "open" command. "man open" will tell you all you need to know about the open command, but as it says, "The open command opens a file (or a directory or URL), just as if you had double-clicked the file's icon." It's a very useful command to know.

You can open the data file, if it's got the right type so your application is the default application for it, or you can specify the application to use in a couple of ways, including by the app, or the bundle identifier. There are examples at the end of the man entry for that sort of thing.

Another problem solved, the open command in the bash script works great. So the script submits 4 or so photos to a site that "resolves" them and then JEXIFToolGui starts so I can get the exposure time and duration. This will save a lot of time and avoid several potential mistakes.

Thanks again!

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