Canon RF 85mm f1.2 (non-DS) vs. other 85mm/105mm/135mm lenses? (Sony GM)

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Noah M Regular Member • Posts: 128
85 and 135 are different

Patlezinc wrote:

I am not a Sony shooter but I own the RF. I find the 85mm focal lenght more flexible, but it is also a personal taste at the end.

Anyway you can’t go wrong with the RF. It is the best lense I have ever had. It is a real 85 (I compared with the Art and a close distance there is a real difference in bokeh, because of the 1.2 and because the Art is probably a 81mm or something like this).

We reach very high image quality nowadays. The RF 85 is a unique lense, but you can surely take great pictures with both systems.

With the 135mm you need some extra distance to get the same framing.  It will flatten faces and the image more too if you like that.  I don't like going too far over 100mm for portraits and I don't like 50mm and under either (faces too round).  85mm has always been the sweet spot for me.

If you want that occasional 135mm look, you can crop the 85mm image too.  It won't be the same, but it works pretty well.   You can't go the other way though.

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