What is the Shutter Speed Rule Today?

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Crop matters, resolution doesn't

MarshallG wrote:

I know the traditional shutter speed rule is 1/focal length. But today, we have crop sensor cameras and image stabilized lenses. On the other hand, the very high resolution of cameras today is much less forgiving of camera shake.

What Is your experience? Is it still 1/focal length or something different?

The general rule was developed along the same lines as depth of field. It depends on the percentage of the full image that the "shaken blur" would occupy, and the degree of enlargement before it becomes visible. So just as with depth of field, the more you enlarge the image, the more visible the blur would be. You need to multiply the focal length by the crop factor to adhere to the general guideline.

Resolution doesn't matter because, for the same degree of enlargement, more pixels does not increase the size of the blur. More pixels will give you a more exquisitely rendered blur but the blur itself is not larger, and no more visible for a given size print.

However, if you plan on enlarging your pints much more than the standard of approximately 8 x 12, you need to account for that by increasing the crop factor proportionally. Again resolution doesn't matter for that, only the degree of enlargement.


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