Why does 7-Zip work on one computer but doesn't on the other?

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Re: I'm going try your suggestions later but I just

toomanycanons wrote:

deleted 7-Zip again on the "bad" computer and uploaded their "Alpha" version from about a month ago.

I went into Windows Explorer and actually successfully zipped a 8 GB folder. Amazing. That gave me hope.

But I couldn't use 7-Zip on the folder I first talked about in this thread. I can't figure out what it might be about that folder, I was able to zip it on another AMD computer. Weird.

I don't know if there is any relationship here but thought I'd tell what happens with one of my computers and installing DxO Photolab updates...the end result is the same situation you've run into.

I have a desktop and laptop that I run PL on.  On one of them an update to PL 2 long time ago came up with an access denied error on the folder in the DxO dir where PL is installed.  All access to that folder had been broken and it took well over an hour to find a way to fix the permissions, even as administrator.  When I upgraded to PL 3 all was fine since it wrote that to a new folder.  But, on the first update the same thing happened.  This time no matter what I tried I could not restore access to the DxO/photolab3 dir.  I ended up installing the update into DxO/photolab3a.  I still have not found a solution and DxO is stumped as to what is happening.  They blame it on my system but have not been able to provide any specifics. Based on what I know about Windows security I can see how this can happen because Windows lets you do things to security settings that make no sense and you can completely lock yourself out of folders (even lock admin out as well).

When researching this it sounds like this happens to a lot of Windows users for various reasons and a lot of people are able to finally restore access.  Google "Windows 10 Access Denied to folder" and you'll see a lot of posts about this issue with a lot of things to try.

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