Lets speculate what's coming next and/or what you wish for

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Dibyendu Majumdar Contributing Member • Posts: 761
Lets speculate what's coming next and/or what you wish for

I think Nikon's Z system is developing very well. When you compare Nikon and Canon, I feel that Nikon's approach seems better planned, with a lineup well thought out. They also got the specs more or less correct with the Z6 and Z7, and the firmware upgrades have been really helpful.

In terms of speculation, my thoughts are we will soon see:

  • 14-24mm f2.8
  • 50mm f1.2 - or even a zoom 35-50mm f1.2
  • a micro nikkor
  • another small (pancakish) lens - a recent patent I saw was for 18-50mm f3.5 to 5.6 or similar  - but we may see a prime instead.
  • Z6/Z7 upgrades for things people have complained about - traditional battery grip, dual slots, and maybe some hardware upgrades to do with AF. (Z6/Z7 were so good that not much to upgrade IMO)

I think we will not see following soon-ish:

  • A pro caliber Z camera, as Nikon likes to make their own sensors for the top of the range, and they seem to be establishing alternate fab (from Sony) which is being used for Z5 perhaps in addition to some of the DSLRs. I think until they can get their next gen pro-sensor ready we will not see the pro-Z model. My guess is that it will be next year sometime. Clearly unlike Canon, they invested very little in the Dx series, and D6 is more like D5s. So all focus must be on the Z line.

Here is what I wish for:

  • More firmware upgrades please! Especially keep improving the AF in Z6/Z7.
  • I wish Nikon would make some mount adapters - for example for the Nikon rangefinder mount lenses.
  • Since buying the Z6 I have bought two new F mount lenses rather than Z lenses. Partly because I really like many aspects of F mount lenses such as mechanical manual focus, and the look and feel. I wish that Nikon would bring back mechanical manual focus to Z lenses (but likely this will not happen because the Z primes are almost like zooms when it comes to focusing, with multiple focusing elements).
  • I wish Nikon would make some retro camera/lens - all metal, more manual oriented. Not super expensive like the Noct - but more Df like price range.
  • Nikon's Z6/Z7 viewfinders are fantastic - I hope Nikon will improve and not dilute this effort going forward. In particular I hope they will keep the .8x magnification and 20+ eyepoint - and not go the way they did with their SLRs.
  • I have zero desire for Canon, Panasonic, Leica SL or Sony at this point. But I do wish we had Voigtlander lenses for Nikon. Sigma /Tamron would be nice too.
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