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Re: Nikon, That S5 is Tempting... Where Are The Lenses?

MrALLCAPS wrote:

I'm not a fan of flippy screens, but other than that, the Lumix S5 is looking good. I'm only 2 lenses in with my Z6 and I'm waiting on the 40mm Pancake.

Nikon needs to give us a little more clarity in regards to the upcoming lenses. They put the 40mm on the roadmap long ago, nothing further than that. They announce a new camera and suprise us with a new unannounced kit zoom. Where are the lenses that are on the roadmap??

If Panasonic beats them to the 40mm pancake, that just might sway me to go over. Nikon better hope they don't announce one this week.

Nikon put the 40mm "compact lens" on the roadmap about a year ago, and they clearly specified that those lenses on the 2019 roadmap were all scheduled to be released before the end of 2021. (Of course some of them were already available at that time.)

I am afraid that you will not get any more precise information other than availability by the end of 2021. In fact, due to Covid-19 and the poor economy, I kind of doubt that Nikon will be able to 100% meet their current roadmap in its entirety by December 2021. Within 2020, a lot of new Nikon lenses seem to be arriving slowly and behind schedule.

If one 40mm pancake lens can sway you to completely switch to a different mount, I suggest you to go ahead and purchase the Panasonic S5. I would imagine Panasonic FX bodies are also nice, and you'll have plenty of Sigma lenses to choose from. However, I don't think the L mount is as popular the Z mount, which is in turn behind Sony E and Canon RF. In other words, you will end up with a mount that has a very limited used market, to buy from and sell to, as well as rental market.

In the mean time, if you don't already have it, the  excellent 50mm/f1.8 S may be a close substitute.

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