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Fotocorn wrote:

Thanks everyone for their contribution.

I am an 80 year-old Civil Engineer who lives in Cape Town South Africa.

I am reasonably fit and love taking photographs and printing them.

I take reasonably good photographs, but have no ambitions to win any prizes, my best images are framed and end up on my study walls.

I appreciate all the expertise but I really only want to do photography, the optical science is probably beyond me and is not the reason I have a camera and and a printer.

The Rand/pound/dollar rate is awful, which makes nearly everything imported expensive. Most times the freight forms a major part of the purchase. It can take up to three months to get delivery from abroad if the local postal service is used. Door to door courier costs a fortune.

I am trying to improve the correlation between my edited screen output and my printed output.

I think need an instrument that can produce ICC files that will help me sort this out. The simpler it is to use the better, I don't want to waste my limited resources on inferior equipment that does not deliver an acceptable result. On the other hand this is a hobby that I enjoy but I don't want it to break the bank.

Is there a product out there that can meet my requirements. So far an XRite ColorMunki seems the best choice.

Have you used Cone Color PRO ink custom ICC profiles for your R3000 and Epson papers from Cone?

They will help you greatly.

You may find that your monitor may have a better match to print with those ICC profiles.

Also experiment with a Reference photo, not one of your own, it removes a lot of variables. Print it without any editing, but use the Cone ICC profiles, It should look great, if not let us know.

I have a Epson R3000, and I have generated custom ICC profiles for the Cone Color PRO inks. What papers are you using?

Bob P.

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