The Sony A7 dillema continues...

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Re: The Sony A7 dillema continues...

clarnibass wrote:

Stan in NH wrote:

The real time tracking in the R4 is an improvement over the lock on system used with the 3, but lock on is still very effective.

Can you explain what that is exactly? Do you mean the eye AF in video? That would be nice but really not necessary.

One of things I hope to upgrade but forgot to mention is the AF and I assume both the III and the IV are much better than my Nikon D600... realistic expectation that the A7R III will miss far less? Especially in low light and when tracking.

Thanks again

AF-C moves the focus point as the subject moves, but lock on will actually stay on that one subject and not move to other focus points even if other objects move in front of the subject.  Real time tracking is a more sophisticated version of this.  My A6400 has real time tracking, and it literally just sticks to your subject.  Lock on works well, but is not as fluid and seems to lose its lock more easily than real time tracking.  Having said that, I have used it for BIF and fast moving subjects, and it does work well.  The best tracking AF is found on the A9 series, but sensor resolution is less than either the R3 or R4.

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