XF 50mm f/1.0 announcement on september 3rd.

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Re: XF 50mm f/1.0 announcement on september 3rd.

Truman Prevatt wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

Why would a singe lens induce them to spend heavily to change over their whole system and format when they have options at f1.4 on FF? (Just interested. No investment either way here - I'm a Fuji user and personally have no interest in the lens ).

Cheers, Rod

Hi Rod,

Good observation. As someone pointed out it is easier to design and build an f1 lens than an f1.4 lens. It's a simple geometric optics observation although Fourier optics gives a better explanation. Case in point the Leica 50 f1.4 vs the 50 f1 - totally different beast and about a 3X price difference.

Will this lens cause a mass exodus from FF where f1.4 is pretty common to Fuji - if someone thinks so I have a bit of swamp land in FL they might be interested in that I can make a really good deal on.


I was surprised by your comment, I would have expected that the larger the aperture the harder is to keep all the frame in focus.  If  it is easier, why they do not make more lenses f1?  is just because they become to heavy and large, so more expensive?

I take the chance to express my gratitude for all your contributions in this forum, I always  learn a lot from your posts!!


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