The Sony A7 dillema continues...

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Re: The Sony A7 dillema continues...

I went with the R3 because I, like you, find the 42mp sensor more than adequate for cropping ... and about as large as I want to handle for file size.  Ergonomics are improved with the R4, but I am quite comfortable with the controls on my R3.

The real time tracking in the R4 is an improvement over the lock on system used with the 3, but lock on is still very effective.

In the end, it becomes a personal choice based on your own needs.  For me, the improvements were just not worth another $700.  I don’t need the “latest and the greatest” whenever new hardware comes out.  In the future, if Sony introduces a next generation body that offers new features that I feel I want, I will upgrade.  For now though, I'm finding the R3 does everything I want it to do ... limited only by my own skills as a photographer.

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