The entire Milkyway, how do you...

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Re: The entire Milkyway, how do you...

The problem is simply one of projecting a curved surface - the celestial sphere - onto a rectilinear one.

It requires translating/rotating/distorting the elements of the mosaic to enable them to be stitched together.

There are various types of projection. Examples include cylindrical, spherical, planar, mirror ball, fisheye, mercator, hammer.

The larger the area you attempt to mosaic the more translation/rotation/distortion the projection needs to apply to enable the panels to be aligned.

Any slight variations in background brightness and star size between panels cause noticeable aberrations at the seams. This is why you need to calibrate the panels before you stitch them to mitigate this.

To compund this you are dealing with all sorts of sky glow gradients that need to be neutralised as well.

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