first digitised images with Pixl-latr...thanks Hamish :)

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first digitised images with Pixl-latr...thanks Hamish :)

I received the Pixl-latr in the mail on Friday and had a go at digitising some old 35mm film.

NB I haven't shot film for years and almost had to tear the whole house apart to find a couple of old rolls.

Leveling the set up. I used playing cards to fine tune the level and the camera's focus peaking to check that the image was sharp across the frame.

This first image below is not mine. It was taken when I had a uni/college assignment on photography. I chose Josef Koudelka as the photographer and since it was the early 1990s (no scanners), I had to take a photo of the photo to include in my report.

Sorry Mr Koudelka for infringing on your copyright. This is for demonstration/educational purposes so I hope you don't mind

this is a photograph (digital) of a photograph (ISO 100 unknown Fujifilm colour stock) of a photograph (from the book "Exiles" by photographer Josef Koudelka)

The next one was taken in the late nineties. The film was originally colour negative but I couldn't deal with the weird colour cast in photoshop so I converted it to monochrome. It's not a great image (especially with the tree growing out of the brides head and harsh light from the flash) but it was fun digitising it.

Kodak Gold ISO 400 (converted to monochrome)

The pixl-latr did what it was supposed to. The only difficulties I found were leveling the camera and post processing the colour neg. I was also using a cheap 28mm legacy lens with some extension tubes to get the desired macro magnification so I don't know how that effected final image quality.

For the future I think I'll stick to b/w film and will probably buy a proper macro lens.

Now I'm looking forward to dusting off my old film SLR and running a few rolls through it

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