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Petruska wrote:

They go for about $120, some less, some more. It must Be the "Photo" model to calibrate your monitor and generate custom printer ICC profiles.

I believe that the "Photo" model can be used with the latest Xrite Studio software.

Bob P.

If you want to accurately calibrate your monitor stay away from Color Munki Photo. It is not very accurate.

You get what you pay for.

So who is right?

Our local star reviewer Keith Cooper reviewed it and said it was fine.

Many posters on this forum use the Colormunki photo system and are happy! That's all that counts. It does generate very good printer ICC profiles, as compared to the very expensive ($1K+) I1PRO spectros

I like the Dry Creek review, sadly I had 5 or 6 Xrite DTP94 units that seem to be very good colorimeters from the review, they are limited to calibrating sRGB monitors. They came with the DTP20 spectro Pulse Color Elite profiling kits. I kept the DTP20's and discarded DTP94s as I thought everyone was buying wide gamut AdobeRGB monitors. I also have 2, I1Display Pro colorimeters, and 3 Xrite I1PRO sprectros. I really don't see any differences with what my monitor displays using either the colorimeter or spectro.

Bob P.

For display calibration I would stay with a colorimeter every time. Spectrophotometers are mainly for printer calibration. If one does not like the canned profiles from reputable printer and/or paper manufacturers and want to save money one could try a commercial printer/paper calibrator.

I also have ditched my DTP-94 which I used to use with ColorEyes Display  (now discontinued).

Now my display calibrator of choice is the i1Display Pro (very good value).

I would like to se Keith Cooper's (or any other new reputable sites tests of the i1Diplay Pro vs. ColorMunki Photo for display calibration, with deltaE(2000) values against a true reference).

PS I notice I copied the link twice in my previous post. Here it is corrected;

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